Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast Tea review

As I sit at work this morning trying to wake up (it’s a collaboration day, which means we meet with our teams. Since I am the only journalism teacher, I spend the first half of the time collaborating with myself.) I decided to use some of my time “wisely” and write a review of the tea I am drinking.

I have always been a tea drinker.  From a very young age my mom had me drinking tea–with plenty of milk and sugar then–and I always drink at least one cup a day–no sugar and a little milk now. Despite my plethora of tea drinking, I don’t consider myself a connoisseur of teas, but I can tell when one is good.  For my everyday tea, I like something that isn’t very expensive and is robust.  I was a happy girl when I discovered Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast.

For a little over $3, you get 80 bags of a hearty tea. The tea does lack the complexity that you will find in more expensive blends but it’s fine for everyday quick cups.

The flavor of the tea is woody and herbal, with a slightly bitter quality.  After swallowing, you can feel light tannins coating your mouth, like when drinking  a light red wine.

There is something about this tea that really wakes me up and makes me feel a bit like Cooper from Twin Peaks

Which is a damn good show---if you haven't seen it the entire series is on Netflix

Which is a damn good show—if you haven’t seen it the entire series is on Netflix

On the internet there are a lot of negative reviews for this tea, but I think is pretty good for the price and worth drinking.  If I really want to make a real pot of tea and sit down with a cup and saucer, I will go for the good stuff.  But when I am just having a normal morning and need something to pick me up, I will reach for Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast tea.



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