Alexandria Restaurant Week

It’s Alexandria Restaurant Week!  And I would be remiss not to mention it here.  Restaurant weeks are always great because you can get great deals and try a new restaurant.  At Alexandria restaurant week, the deals are a $35 dinner for 2 or a $35 prix-fixe dinner (per person).

Although I should, I don’t always make it out to many places over the week.  Life and a lack of funds gets in the way.

Regardless,  here are the restaurants I am excited (or not so) about, some I’ve been to and some I haven’t.

$35 Dinner for Two deals:

Cheesetique (Del Ray location)

Cheesetique is offering a “pick 3” charcuterie board, a selection of their sandwiches and a chocolate mousse to share.  I have eaten here several times and it has always been a pleasant experience—they make a killer grilled cheese. Some of my favorite offerings are the mac and cheese, grown-up grilled cheese and the pimento grilled cheese.

Del Ray Pizzeria

The president visited once a while ago and they just can’t seem to calm down about it. Last time I checked, they had removed the huge “Thank you Mr. President” banner from the side of their building. For their restaurant week deal, they are offering a bottle of wine, a salad and one of the three pizzas that are “presidentially certified.”  I love the atmosphere of this place and the included bottle of wine is a huge incentive to go but their pizza wasn’t anything special.  The crusts were a bit thick for my taste, but the sauce was fresh and the house ground sausage (which is on 2 of the 3 pizza options) was very good.  Service was extremely slow though, and we went on a day things weren’t busy.

Fontaine Caffe and Creperie

I’m not 100% sure what’s up with the name of this place.  Caffe is the Italian spelling for coffee and Creperie is French.  Whatever.  I have never been here but I love crepes and this restaurant is offering a meal of 2 savory and 2 desert crepes this week. The Parisienne (roasted chicken, brie and ratatouille) and the Washingtonian (steak and potato with red wine mushroom sauce) sound particularly interesting to me.

RedRocks Neapolitan Pizza

I might start a war by saying this, but RedRocks is better than Pizzeria Paradiso. I thought their pizzas were more creative, the appetizers were better (roasted olives and roasted fingerling potatoes were awesome), they have small plates and it’s less crowded. RedRocks is offering a selection of small plates and salads, a choice of 4 interesting pizzas and either a poached pear or panna cotta for desert.

Virtue Feed and Grain

I only ate here once, soon after they opened, and the service was just dreadful.  The food was okay, but I expect more from a restaurant owned by the Armstrongs (the couple behind places such as Restaurant Eve and The Majestic).  I have heard that service has improved somewhat, but still needs work.  This restaurant isn’t offering any options with their restaurant week menu, which I find annoying.  Part of the fun of restaurant week is going with a group, ordering different dishes and really getting a feel for the restaurants style.  They are offering braised pork shoulder with vegetables and bread followed by a pear tarte tatin for desert.

$35 three course Prix-Fixe Deals

The Bastille and La Bergerie

I am lumping these two French restaurants together because my comments on  both are similar.  I haven’t been to either restaurant but I am always up for a visit to a French place and both have fairly good reviews on Yelp (The Bastille’s being slightly better).  The Bastille has a lot of options on its menu and you can add wine pairings for an extra $25. La Bergerie also has a lot of options, with almost 5-6 things to choose from in each course.

Daniel O’Connell’s

Why?  This popular happy hour spot is great for a beer and maybe a drunken snack or two, but I have never really been impressed with their food.  It’s typical Irish pub fare and they are offering options such as Fish and Chips and a Guniness burger. It really doesn’t seem worth the $35 when you can really score a bargain at more upscale restaurants.  They do, for some reason, have a second menu listed on the official site with more upscale options. However, the pub fare is what this place does well and is what I would recommend sticking to.

The Grille at Morrison House

I’ve heard good things about this place and their restaurant week menu has impressive offerings such as pumpkin soup with duck confit, escargot and boeuf Bourguignon. This is another place I have never been, but what a great time to give it a try for only $35.  In addition, they are offering wine pairings for only $20 extra.

Ramparts Grill

This place is, quite literally, my neighborhood bar. I could walk there.  People treat it like their living room at time—one regular couple sets up with iPad and plays games together at the bar.  The food is just okay, though many reviewers disagree with me.  On a recent visit, I had ribs and they didn’t even remove the silver skin.  Their burgers are very good as are the nachos and they have awesome happy hour specials.  My main issue with this place is the service: outside of the bar it is terrible (which is why the bar is always crowded).  You wait forever for things as simple as a glass of water and the waiters seem put off by your very existence.  At any rate, they are doing a prix-fixe menu but I won’t be visiting.

Two-Nineteen Restaurant

This is another restaurant that I have frequented several times but not for the food.  I always head to the upstairs bar for the live blues and one of the few places that consistently has Benedictine available.  I ordered their food once.  Last time I was there I surreptitiously brought in Chipotle—but apparently I wasn’t sneaky enough since I was asked to put it away.  But what does that tell you about their food?  They are offering some substantial options, though, such as dry aged NY Strip.

Warehouse Bar and Grill

I am basing this solely off one visit and an order of crab cakes.  I still think about those sweet, lump crab cakes (topped with even MORE lump crab) with a zesty lemon butter sauce.  Just because of that I am excited to visit this place again, though the crab cakes are, sadly, not a part of the restaurant week menu. They are offering a grilled filet mignon with one crab cake as well as shellfish etouffee, salmon and short ribs.  I don’t know if the rest of their food is as good as those crab cakes were, but I’d be happy to try more at this place.

Hopefully, I will be able to make it out to at least one new restaurant this week.  But if I don’t, these menus do peak my interest in a few new places that I will have to try soon.


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One Comment on “Alexandria Restaurant Week”

  1. lindsy
    January 24, 2013 at 8:52 pm #

    almost all of these places sound amazing!!! Funny thing the places with bad service after being in St. Kitts i’m sure i’d think it was awesome, i’ve been the only group in a restaurant here before and still waited over an hour for food with a rude wait staff… totally normal! but the french places sound really good… We have a french restaurant on the island that i have heard is fantastic! Getting Nate to take me for a late valentines dinner so excited will get pictures… also i still have not been to wings in a shipping container but want to try to go this weekend may just have to go one day as a study break but will take lots of pictures

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