Breakfast and Babies

I’ve realized lately that a mark of my age exists in my Facebook news feed. Where there used to be pictures from wild Saturday nights out, I now see mostly pictures of babies, weddings and new house projects.  I’m hitting that age, apparently, where I will be surrounded by young children at most outings–this coming Monday I will be hosting a brunch and 1/4 of the invitees are under the age of 2. Luckily I don’t mind too much, all of my friends’ children are pretty awesome.

This past weekend, Thomas and I visited our good friends Matt and Allison for breakfast and to meet their new son Everett. He’s just about the cutest baby I’ve ever seen–but I could be biased since I adore his parents so much. He was born in March and is only just 2 months old.


Introducing: Everett!

Later, Matt cooked up some breakfast sandwiches–his family owns some Big Boy restaurants in Michigan and so Matt knows how to make a delicious breakfast.




Tonight, I will be heading to one of my favorite sushi places in the city and then to a movie theater that has the absolute best popcorn.  Will write a review for you all tomorrow!



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One Comment on “Breakfast and Babies”

  1. May 24, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

    It is funny how time marches on and with Facebook we can’t look away!

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