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Perfect Guacamole, One Avocado at a Time

There are thousands, maybe millions, of guacamole recipes out there, so what makes me decide to add another entry to the guac canon? I think it’s delicious, of course, but what sets this recipe apart is that I have created it “per avocado.”  That’s right — you can make guacamole with just one avocado for […]

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Rosemary Potato Chips

As I’ve mentioned on here before, my husband is obsessed with golf.  And if you know golf, then you know that this is a very special weekend.  It’s Masters weekend. In my house this means a lot of golf on the TV and a lot of giggling on my part as Thomas waxes poetic about […]

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A light Barcelona lunch

When I am eating alone at home, I have a tendency to create some offbeat meals.  One of my favorites is a big baked potato and broccoli.  That’s it. Thomas (and most people) wouldn’t see this as a complete meal, so I save it for my times alone. Today for lunch, while Thomas was out […]

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