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Emerging from the dark: Carnitas and first signs of spring

Let me tell you something about German winters… they are DARK.  Dark and boring and mildly depressing.  For most of the year here, the weather is mild and there are all sorts of fests going on that you can visit and the biergartens are open and people are out and about.  But for about 3 […]

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Lacquered Skirt Steak

I love steak but it can be a little expensive so one thing I sometimes do is buy skirt steak to satisfy my craving. You are probably already familiar with this cut of meat if you’ve ever had fajitas; it has a great meaty flavor and is actually one of my favorites. When cooked well […]

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NY Strip Salad

Last night Thomas and I were both feeling a little lazy about cooking (maybe it was the gin and tonic…) and I just couldn’t get excited about the meal we had planned (grilled strip steaks with avocado corn salsa) but we had to cook the steaks and Thomas didn’t feel like grilling after working late, […]

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