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Emerging from the dark: Carnitas and first signs of spring

Let me tell you something about German winters… they are DARK.  Dark and boring and mildly depressing.  For most of the year here, the weather is mild and there are all sorts of fests going on that you can visit and the biergartens are open and people are out and about.  But for about 3 […]

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BBQ Country Pork Ribs

I’ve been watching a lot of the show BBQ Pitmasters lately, which has had me craving some yummy pork ribs. The downside to this is twofold: One: a rack of ribs is too big for just me and Thomas.  Two: I do not own a smoker. The solution was easy–use country pork ribs instead (bone-in) […]

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Copycat Carnitas bowl

So this post will, sadly, be picture-less.  I am currently without a phone (which is my only camera) since it decided to jump out of my back pocket and into water during a concert.  A new phone is on the way so pictures will return soon, just not of this meal. At a certain fast […]

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